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About Us

The Paint Anchorage Team is devised of professional Anchorage Painters!

The Paint Anchorage Team is Alaskan owned and operated – NO 800 numbers here. We only have the best painters in order to give you the best Alaskan Painting Service money can buy.

The Paint Anchorage Team is a young, yet very professional team of Anchorage Painters and is owned by Christopher Smith with 10+ years in the construction & painting field. We work hard for you in order to make you satisfied with every detail of the job at hand.

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The Paint Anchorage Team works closely with our clients…

…to hear what their expectations are of their projects. As an owner my partner and I enjoy being in the field working out on the jobs with the painting crews and getting to know our clients.

The Paint Anchorage Team delivers unforgettable service as a combination of a great experience, professionalism, the best materials and a top notch warranty.

Our Work Ethics and Guidelines:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Sticking To A Schedule
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

We Will Deliver The Best Results!

The Paint Anchorage Teams can do anything within reason… 🙂

…so if you’re looking for painters who can do services other than Exterior Painting or Interior Painting, things like custom finishes for new homes, staining or building decks and fences, we even do Commercial Restaurants and other Commercial Buildings, Fire Restoration Work, Condo’s, Apartment Complex’s and more… We are your company to call. 🙂

Together with your design and our budget planning and experience The Paint Anchorage Team will bring perfect results for any project you have. No job is to BIG! Treat your home or business with a makeover today.

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Paint Anchorage’s Mission

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