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Anchorage Painting

Anchorage Painting

The Anchorage Painting styles are getting more modern every single year and most of the homes in Anchorage, Wasilla and Eagle River are in need of a facelift in a shorter period of time due to our extreme weather conditions, Anchorage Painting contractors know this and are very aware of the current house painting styles.

Of course everything changes so fast not very many of us can keep up with all of the changes, but most of us try as hard as we can to stay in touch with the constant ever-changing painting styles and new paints.

So… why not give your home a facelift with style? If you have an older home that hasn’t been painted or updated in any way in the last 5 – 10 – 15 years then it’s probably time to start thinking of which direction you like to go. Update or stay outdated or even move?

A long with Anchorage Painting Services – An Update for your home could include services such as:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Installing New Interior Trim up on The Walls
  • Changing The Bathroom Color
  • Changing The Flooring to Wood or Tile
  • Replacing The Roof With Colored Shingles
  • Refinishing a Deck or Fence
  • Adding a Deck or Porch
  • You get the idea…

Outdated – as Alaskans we’ve all seen the outdated look with homes that have paint peeling off of them, no paint at all on exposed wood, old-fashioned 20-30 and even 40-year-old paint jobs that have oxidized over time and are crying out for a fresh update. Who knows, they could be your next-door neighbor or someone on your street.

You don’t want to be someone like this in Anchorage because the city is cracking down on homeowners like this. Condo associations and apartment complex owners already up hold a different standard for updates above residential owners only because they have to.

So beware, Anchorage Painting just might be put mandatory…

…after a certain period of time just like condos because it keeps Anchorage looking clean according to the municipality of Anchorage, but in my eyes I honestly don’t see that happening for quite sometime.

The Paint Anchorage Team takes pride in every aspect of the painting business to ensure the customer is always treated right and feels confident that they made the right choice in choosing them to do the work.

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