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Here is how everything works with us for requesting a quote…

First you call us or email us a quote request form to contact us to come out and do a free quote on your home or project to be built.

Then after you have completed the short request form or have called us to give us some minor details about your project, we then come by your house, speak with you, see your plans, take measurements and look at everything to determine what work needs to be done. Then send you a quote via email.

Once you receive the quote and decide to hire us we then put you in the work schedule depending on how fast you want your job done.

All you have to do is call us and say, you would like to work with us, that’s it!

We usually try to get back to you the same day you request a quote, but as summer gets closer as it is our busy season for exterior painting it sometimes takes 24-72 hours for a response from us, but is the best way to communicate with us when you don’t have time to call.

Our Schedule Does Tend to Fill up FAST…

Winter is ALWAYS the best time for interior painting with any painting company in Alaska, but we have a crew specifically for interiors year round.

We Welcomes All Phone Calls And Last Minute Appointments!

We Know if You’re in a rush, we will try our best to accommodate you if we can?

Just call us if you don’t feel like filling out the short form! J


We’d be happy to hear from you!