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Our Staff

Anchorage Painters

Anchorage Painters

Our staff here at Paint Anchorage is made up of local Anchorage painters who care more about taking their time and doing the job right than merely just getting the job done and getting paid. Together, we make sure that we are doing what is in the best interest of the customer and leave your job knowing it couldn’t have been done better, making sure that you’re completely satisfied in every aspect.

The Paint Anchorage Team is like a family of painters painting your home or office. All of us work together in a safe and timely manor to ensure your job is done right.

Although, from time to time we may have to hire painters outside of The Paint Anchorage Team’s family of painters (sub-contractors) only because our schedule may be over booked at times, but we make every effort to make sure that they’re willing to follow our set standards and we check up on them all the time to make sure, if not, we simply take over the process of the job to ensure you’re a satisfied customer.

So if you would like to read up on us further please head over to our about us page. There we go a little more in depth about our company.



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