Painting Contractor – Should Painters Have Business Ethics?

Is a Painting Contractor solely in business just to make a profit or do they really have true business ethics that they run their business by?

Painting Contractor Experiences…

Painting Contractor - Painting Services

Painting Contractor – Painting Services

I found myself asking this question even to myself about other Painting Contractors here in Anchorage and the mat-sue valley. After I tell you some of the things I went through and saw for myself this last summer I’m sure you’ll be much more careful when searching for a Painting Contractor.

You see our company works a lot with insurance companies so just from saying that should tell you that we really have to have all of our ducks in a row so to speak, right?

Anyway, We help insurance companies with Fire Restoration, Water Damage and other housing tragedies that arise. We’re also sent out to do assessments of claims from their clients and this is what I want to share with you today.

Our first house – We went to was actually done by a Remodeling Contractor that have a very, very high reputation here in Anchorage (I’m not saying any names due to slander laws), but this poor client needed help in a bad way and apparently the Painting Contractor that was subbed for the job said he was done. Now we go on at least 20-30 of these every year and still don’t understand how these guys stay in business or are getting away with it.

The Painting Contractor missed some M.I.N.O.R. things…

…on their interior painting such as taping off door handles, didn’t tape off the windows at all, paint all over the carpet all over the house and that’s just a few things because I don’t want to freak you out to much, but the worst thing the client said to us was that he couldn’t even speak with them because they didn’t speak English, he said they sounded like they were from Europe or something and they just didn’t understand him.

Well this so called Painting Contractor just cost the remodeling company that was in charge of the job a bunch of money and when asked to fix the job, the Painting Contractor wouldn’t stand behind his work, meaning… We took the job and fixed it the way it needed to be in order to make the customer and insurance company happy again. Now this happens all the time...

Second House – I honestly really don’t understand some of the things Anchorage Painters do sometimes and with that said, I bring up yet another problem we checked on this last summer and probably the most memorable one.

When we arrived at the house it was almost immediately noticeable of the damage that was present to the exterior painting of the house. BTW, this is a fully clear stained house and didn’t look clear at all! The client showed us before pictures and it was like night and day.

All I can say is WOW!

I’ve been in this business for a long time and even when I was first starting out I never did some of the things I saw and heard about. This was a M.A.J.O.R. overhaul to the exterior of this house. After we gave the insurance company our assessment of the job they went to the original Painting Contractor to get him to repair what he needed to fix. They went rounds and rounds with him about what the Painting Contractor and what the client thought would be a good fix.

A couple of months pass and the client is giving us a call back to the house after the Painting Contractor has come back only a couple of time to fix things. Still the same, no change, but the client did say they re-stained one wall and that one was the worst, mainly because she watched them mix 2 different clear stains together. Let me say that again, SHE WATCHED THEM! Why, because they didn’t speak English and she didn’t know any better anyways.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to pick on anyone because of there nationality or anything, because I know some really great painters that are in this business that are minorities and this just sounds like the leadership that these guys are getting, 90% of the time that’s what it is, it’s just plain HORRIBLE!

Now, without going into a ton of detail about how much damage this Painting Contractor did to this ladies house I will just say that the damages totaled over $27,000 that her insurance company is now in the process of suing the Painting Contractor because he doesn’t think anything is wrong with the house. That’s inexperience for ya right their, NOT!

My final thoughts – Well if you’re interested in a Painter to do some work for you be sure you check around and make sure that you can at least speak to the guys that are painting your house. Alaska is getting a ton of foreigners form other countries and yes, a lot of them don’t speak English yet, shoot I come across them every day and I’m sure we’re going to see more of them as time goes on.

Find a Painting Contractor you feel comfortable working with, don’t just pick the first one you meet. Be sure to get at least 3 different Quotes – bids – estimates from 3 different Painting Contractors for their Painting Services. You not doing this just puts you more at risk with finding a Painting Contractor that you might regret.

To learn more about The Paint Anchorage Team painting contractor and the construction / painting services offered please visit our painting services page or our about us page. We’re striving to change the way people are treated in the construction world to make sure your painting experience is a great one.

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