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How To Be Partners With Us…

Every summer we always start out looking for painters and or companies to partner up with us to help us through the very busy painting & construction season. Please go over the following and check to see if we are a good fit for you. You must have a professional additude, of course good painting skills, have good customer service, can keep a schedule and DON’T DO DRUGS! If this is all ok so far keep reading…

This is a really quick outline of our partnering policies for construction contractors, painting contractors or independent painters that wish to work with The Paint Anchorage Team LLC.

Partners Should Be

(License – Bonded – Insured)

You must have a valid up to date business license or be willing to be paid as contracted work only. (Business License is Preferred) Being Licensed and Bonded is a HUGE plus, but not necessary in order to work with us since we are already Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

You must be willing to paint or do construction based on the customer’s standards as well as The Paint Anchorage Team LLC standards. We take a ton of pride in working with our customers and we expect the same from all of our partners.


It’s that simple…

Here is a quick list of our guidelines that we follow and that you will have to follow as well:

1. ( 5 ) Year Workmanship Warranty

This warranty will go into effect upon completion of the project if we get a call to have something fixed and it is warrantable by The Paint Anchorage Team LLC YOU as our partner are responsible for all the follow ups, repairs and or touch ups. If you do not comply with this after completing the job doing the necessary follow ups needed.

The Paint Anchorage Team LLC reserves the right to file class action suite against your company or business party for the amount it costs to do anything that the customer deems fair in solving their problem. Basically, you and or your company are responsible for the workmanship warranty since you preformed the work that needed to be done.

2. Conditional Warranty

The Paint Anchorage Team LLC are responsible for any failure in its workmanship by the teams that are personally employed under our company and will conduct the necessary work to make the project right.

Due to effects of nature, The Paint Anchorage Team LLC will not be responsible for any failure caused by Fire, Wind, Earthquake, or any other acts of uncontrolled nature. This also applies to our partners.

3. Extended Product Warranty

The products The Paint Anchorage Team LLC applies may have a conditional warranty as stated on the labels.  Whatever type of product the client wishes to use at the time the job starts the client will have to go back to the manufactures for any claims concerning that product used. This does not include the labor for our company or our partners. The client will have to pay for the labor again.

4. Non – Transferable Warranty

The Paint Anchorage Team LLC has a non-transferable warranty. As soon as the house is sold or moved the warranty is void.

5. Material Costs & Labor

We make this really simple for our partners…

  1. We do a 60/40 split if we buy the materials – Meaning we get 60%
  2. We can do a 50/50 split on materials and your crews labor – Meaning after the job is through we add up all the costs of the job including labor, split that and the profit.
  3. We do a 40/60 split if you buy the materials up front and we don’t need to do anything – Meaning You or Your company get the lead from us and take care of everything from start to finish without our help, but once we have to help it goes back to #1 a 60/40 split. We only do this because we want to protect our name and make sure the client is totally satisfied before leaving the job.

If YOU want to be one of our partners and YOU have NO problems with these conditions we at The Paint Anchorage Team would be happy to conduct business with you. Contact us to go over the details and we’ll talk with you soon…

The Paint Anchorage Team!
Ask for Chris…